A Couple of Tips from the Labrador Connection

As I write this introduction to the Labrador Connection site (along with a big welcome to all my new readers), I thought I’d throw out a couple of useful tips. First of all, if you know of anyone who runs a lab rescue, be sure to put the word out to your community. So many people are looking to adopt a pet, and labs make wonderful companions. Even better, a RESCUED pet is even better! Please, I beg you: Adopt, don’t shop. There are so many animals out there needing a good home, and it makes me incredibly sad when I hear about people actually BUYING a pet. It’s just something I truly do not understand.

Second, when you bring a new 4-legged friend home from the shelter or rescue, please give him/her and yourself some time to adjust. Oftentimes we don’t know what a dog has gone through by the time it makes it to your family. Take the time to talk with an experienced trainer and also a vet who can offer you sound advice about introducing your new pet to its new surroundings. Thank you for considering a rescue pet for your family.

May you be blessed with endless tail wags and wet kisses!

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